We are dedicated for Making Design, Drawing, BOQ and Tender document, Tender Evaluation, Supervision of Electrical System. In this system shall include, but not to be limited to HT and LT Power cable, Cable tray, Switchgear, Power Transformer, Low Tension Switchgear, Power Factor Improvement Plant, Bus bar Turn king System (BBT), Substation Battery and charger, Underground cables, Ear thing, Fixture layout inside room, corridor and other specs and Co-ordinate with other services. Standards, Codes, Rules: Unless otherwise specified elsewhere in the contract, the entire system shall be manufactured, install, tested and balanced conforming to the latest issue of the following standards: ANSI, ASTM, BNBC, REMA, NFPA, UL, IEEE etc.

  • Sub-Station
  • Earthling and Bonding
  • Generator

Project Management and Co-ordination are mandatory for a sustainable project:

Alam Engineering & Technology coordinates Electrical works, HVAC, Fire Management, CCTV works, Plumbing  works,  BMS  and  other  coordination  works   for  proper  project management within given stipulated time .we merge all MEP drawings into a single drawing layout to solve the critical areas as per requirement while combining all MEP drawing in a single plate .it is easy to saluting regarding height constraint future maintenance work any system operation for whale building by practicing this project management .we can ensure a comfort room by providing proper air flow and ventilating system design adequate fresh air circulation toilet exhaust system and controlled cooling air and humidity system Alam Engineering & Technology also co-ordinates safety management system which  comprises

  • Fire detection system
  • Fire protection system
  • Emergency voice evacuation system
  • Exit route planning system

We also provide energy effective electrical design by ensuring-

  • Proper lighting position and illuminate ion level
  • Power saving made
  • Necessary electrical out let like ironing different kind of charger ironing facility, laptop, room utility (Minibar, T.V. etc.)

For getting a complete and comfort hotel room service, Toilet/ Washroom is a mandatory part. EMCS can ensure better service by providing-

  • Uninterrupted supply water flow.
  • Cold water and hot water flow design.

An important phenomenon regarding cold water and hot water design should be considered as per supplier manual. The consideration is that, hot water should one out within three seconds after tap opening. Accident may occur due to this delay time. We follow reverse return process for proper circulation of hot water.

Another problem in toilet frequently happened not to maintain sound level of flush water. Flushing and piping design should be considered properly so that flush should not transmit to the adjacent toilet. EMCS also follows a perfect combination of LAN, PABX and access control system.

We coordinate all building utilities like generator, boiler, sub-station, electrical load calculation and distribution system, BBT system, solar system, central BMS system, Minibar, all pipe line complexity, kitchen facility (for Hotel), conference room facility and other hotel room utility   and multistoried commercial and residential service provision as well.


  • HVAC Design Considerations
  • Sizing HVAC System
  • Chilled Water Plants
  • Efficient Chilled Water Distribution
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • C02 Sensors for Car Park Exhaust



  • Fire Detection System
  • Fire Protection System